Hanks Original

All-natural popcorn seasoning with real, decipherable ingredients you know, love and trust.

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  • Where?

    You have one of the first official Hanks products in your hands all the way from Okotoks,
    Alberta. Partnered with local suppliers we are keeping it in Canada. Follow along on Instagram & Facebook to find HANK - @hanks.original

  • When?

    I have always been building, fixing, and altering everything starting young in the shop with Dad and the Kitchen with Mom. Through all of this came my passion for creating and trying new things in the kitchen.

  • Why?

    I found options for popcorn
    seasoning extremely limited. They all contained half a dozen ingredients I could not spell. Personally, I prefer my sulfates in the form of wine. We eat a lot of popcorn in this house so, I decided to make my own seasoning using real ingredients.

If you are brave enough to try these on anything other than popcorn here are a couple ideas.


Canadian Caramel

Sprinkle a little Canadian Caramel on freshly made donuts, cake, pastries, waffles. Even your coffee or latte.

Rancho Relaxo

Rancho Relaxo, What the Dill work great when mixed with Greek
yogurt or sour cream.

Macho Nacho

Great paired with your steak & Prawns or chicken.

What's The Dill

Anything & everything. Eggs, salmon, scones, make a dip or salad dressing. Try adding to your Avacados - you're welcome. :)